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Types of Motor Insurance Coverage

In Singapore, the law only requires you to insure against legal liability for injury to third parties. As such, a policy covering third party liability will meet your needs. However, it is common for motorists to take a wider cover to protect against accidental damage to their own cars and these are listed :

Third Party cover
This policy provides cover for the driver's legal liability for damage to property belonging to other persons such as cars; fences; street lighting etc as well as the driver's legal liability for death of or bodily injury to passengers and third parties caused by his negligence.

Third Party Fire & Theft cover
In addition to the cover provided by the "Third Party" cover, the policy can be extended to accidental loss or damage by fire and/or theft of the vehicle and its accessories and spare parts.

Comprehensive cover
This is the widest type of cover in that it includes all the covers mentioned previously plus accidental damage to the insured's own vehicle. The additional cover provides personal accident benefits for the driver and medical expenses arising from the motor accident. Although the term "comprehensive" is used, the standard cover does not include riot, strike and civil commotion, flood and windstorm and personal accident benefits to the passengers and legal liability of passengers for acts of negligence. However, these covers can be effected upon payment of an additional premium The breakage of a windscreen or side windows is insured but the standard policy excess will apply and a claim paid will result in the loss of any No Claim Discount unless arrangements are made for a special cover. You should compare the rates, covers and services offered by other insurance companies before making a decision.

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