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Power of Attorney
for Purchase / Resale of HDB Flats

In the purchase or resale of an HDB flat, certain legal documents have to be signed at different stages. They include the Option to Purchase, Agreement for Lease, Mortgage, Transfer instrument etc.

The Power of Attorney (PA) is therefore required if in the process of purchasing or selling the HDB flat, if you are unable to be present to personally attend to the signing of the legal documents or the doing of other necessary acts.

If you are appointing an attorney before you are going overseas, you are advised to consult a solicitor to have a Power of Attorney prepared and signed before your departure.

After your Power of Attorney is duly signed, the solicitor will register the Power of Attorney at the High Court Registry.

If you are already overseas, the solicitor will send the Power of Attorney to you so that you can make arrangements to sign the Power of Attorney in the presence of a Notary Public, Singapore High Commissioner or Singapore Ambassador in the country of your stay.

Once the Power of Attorney is registered, the solicitor is required to furnish a letter of confirmation addressed to HDB that they have used HDB's standard format. The Power of Attorney and the Letter of Confirmation is then to be forwarded to the relevant operating departments as follows:

Transaction Operating Department Procedure for submission of the Power of Attorney
For applications to sell/purchase an HDB flat from the open market HDB Resale Unit To submit original Power of Attorney or certified true copy by the High Court upon submission of application for sale/purchase of an HDB flat
For applications to purchase an HDB flat directly from HDB HDB Sales Unit To submit certified true copy by the High Court once Sales Registration Number is furnished by Sales Unit

Important points for you to note:

If you need to obtain a Power of Attorney:-

  1. You are advised to get the Power of Attorney ready before you leave the country.
  2. Notwithstanding the Power of Attorney, you must personally sign the necessary Statutory Declaration, application forms and undertaking as required by HDB relating to the purchase/resale of the flat.