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Property Conveyancing

When you buy or sell a property there are a number of important legal steps involved during the conveyancing process. We may be able to help – here are some of the things that need to be done:

bullet Check the sale and purchase agreement before you sign to make sure it is fair and sensible.
bullet Search the property title and confirm its ownership. This shows mortgages on the property and any other restrictions that may apply.
bullet Check with the relevant government authorities to ensure that the property is not affected by any government notices or projects, e.g. road widening, construction of MRT lines, etc
bullet Check that the owner is not a bankrupt
bullet Check all conditions - such as finance arrangements and builder's inspection - are met before the sale.
bullet Check the mortgage document is in order, if you are buying, or that it has been discharged if you are selling.
bullet Prepare and send out legal documents such as the transfer of ownership.
bullet Prepare an account for you and advise you on the amount you have to pay to complete your purchase.

How can we help?

We have a team of Advisors with a wealth of experience in property matters including conveyancing, Wills, enduring powers of attorney and trusts. They’ll look after your interests – and give you helpful advice on how to go about buying and selling properties and what to look out for.

Call us at 9838-0220 or email us before you decide to buy or sell, so that we can talk to you about your conveyancing needs.